Acne Caused by Makeup

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Many people find it hard to believe that you can suffer with acne at any age and do not have to be a teenager. While it is true that acne will often become apparent during the formative years, many people do in fact find it a temporary condition although as many as nine in every ten people will suffer with at some point in their lives.

While the naturally occurring oil we produce called sebum does in fact clog the hair follicles, it is not the only substance to blame for the condition of acne and neither is oily skin either. It appears that acne is not an age old problem but a recent development and one caused by too much oil in the pore itself which results in the pimple we are all very conscious of.

Fortunately acne can be treated and one off the many causes of this condition is the hormone adjustments made when a person is growing up although it can also be as a result of makeup that has not been removed fully or pollution. Other causes that have been discovered are the reprocessed foods we eat and the high level of sugars that re contained in almost everything we consume.

When people have more stubborn cases of acne it is left to a dermatologist to prescribe a stronger remedy which may require a longer period of use. In most cases, a follow-up visit will be scheduled so that the doctor may monitor the patient's progress and determine whether additional steps should be taken to treat the problem. The person suffering with acne must remember not to scratch at or attempt to remove and pimples as any bacteria carried beneath the nails could cause further infection.

Many believe for example that just because their fingernails appear clean, there is nothing to worry about but that's simply not true as there are many germs and bacteria, which are not visible to the naked eye. To be on the safe side it is always wiser for an acne victim not to touch any of their pimples with their hands just in case.

Unfortunately, acne does seem to have a hereditary link so if you mother and father had acne ten you will also probably suffer as well, bearing in mind that the number of individuals with perfect skin in the world is very low. The most likely scenario is that you will contact acne while you are young probably around puberty.

When the condition is affecting the individual both physically and emotionally then this is a good time to take advice from a dermatologist. Please be aware that the information here is provides as a guide only and does not try to replace the professional guidance supplied by a professional about the condition and treatment of acne.

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