Acne - Things You Should Know and How To Deal It

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Having acne or what we call as pimples is really an embarrassment and causes lose of self-confidence. Not only that we grow up and the acne grows up with us, with the thought that we are ugly and may no longer have those beautiful and smooth face like others does.

There are many things that trigger the formation of acne. One of the common one is the activities of our hormones such as monthly menstrual flow for women and increased hormonal secretion from the adrenal glands. Also stored dead skin cells, pore bacteria's, irritation of the skin, some medications and even dust can cause pimples.

With today's inventions, lots of treatments for acne have been invented too. We now have benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, salicylic acids, pills, and laser and herbal treatments as well.

Acne if not treated early or if scratched often times leave scars. These scars are usually hard to remove. But here are some possible options for people with acne:

1. Chemical peels - From the name itself; it indicates application of chemicals in order to achieve a smoother layer of the skin through what they call as acid peel.

2. Dermabrasion - the process involves the removal of top or inner layer of the skin thus makinf the scar looks lighter. This is usually performed by cosmetic surgeons.

3. Dermal filler - involves injection of fillers to cover up the scar.

4. Laser resurfacing - involves the usage of laser wherein the top layer of the skin is being burned.

5. Microdermabrasion - it uses rough tools in rubbing the skin, usually done as spa treatments and is only effective for scars that are in the upper layer of the skin.

There are lots of ways to treat acne. If you are financially loaded, then you can opt for those treatments above. But the very powerful natural way to treat acne are; to eat a well balanced diet, sleep early, wash the face with clean water and hypo-allergenic soap, exercise and be germ free.

We are living in a free country and whatever option you choose, just be sure that you are comfortable with it and you are experiencing a good result. To learn more on how to have a free-acne face, click here.

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