ACN Complaints- Why People are Struggling with ACN

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ACN is a direct marketing company selling telecommunications services. They have Donald Trump as a spokesperson and so they tend to attract a great deal of consideration with the media. Most recently, they are featuring a video phone which is a land-line type telephone with a video screen. Users can look at the person they are talking to throughout the chat. It does need a high-speed internet link such as cable or DSL and both callers need to have the telephone unit in order for them to view each other. It is available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico at this time and they do insist on a two-year service agreement. The phone service boasts free long distance and no per-minute fees. It also includes characteristics of traditional phone service such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.

ACN sales consultants earn money by selling the phone unit and service as well by signing up new consultants into their own downline. One of their major premises is that by offering people a better option on services that they presently use every day, they establish savings and convenience for the customer and a home business model for their sales force. This is a model that has been proclaimed by hundreds of network marketing organizations in the past with a huge variety of different products. ACN complaints are comparable to the issues that are spoken by any person who has tried and been unsuccessful at a network marketing venture. It is not uncommon to hear complaints about the inability to earn wealth and the inability to recruit new representatives. In fact, the most universal ACN complaint (and the most common problem in any network marketing company) is the incredibly high failure rate, estimated by experts in the industry to be as high as 98%.

For the most part, the failure rate in this business is primarily due to the reality that people are signing up to build a network marketing business when they really have no marketing familiarity. Then when they run out of friends and relatives to talk to, they are really out of business with no supply of leads or prospects. Since true marketing strategies are rarely taught in this type of program, the result is high bail-out amid the troops.

There are, however, ways of reducing the failure rate, but they require a pattern shift from the "old school" of network marketing. They also necessitate some education and training. By learning how to use PPC (pay-per-clicks), writing articles, press-releases, opt-in pages, social media, and banner ads you can explode your ACN business virtually overnight. But as I say, it will require some training and education.

The best way to eliminate the ACN complaints is for ACN reps to learn how to create leads online. After all, when you buy leads (as many MLM'ers do) where do you think these leads come from? On the internet! Learn how to create these leads with the methods mentioned above, and you can assemble a giant ACN network or any other MLM or traditional business.

Perhaps it is time to begin treating your network marketing business like a actual business and get the information that is necessary for success. Put a technique in place that can help you grow your ACN business.

Before you join ACN or any other network marketing company, you should make sure you learn everything you can about the company first. Click on the following link to view a YouTube video about ACN by industry expert Greg Preite.

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