Achieve Success! Follow the Time-Tested Advice in Russell Conwell's book Acres of Diamonds

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When I was 25, I was first exposed to the book "Acres of Diamonds" by Russell
Conwell. What I read changed the course of my life. It can do the same for you.

In his book, Mr. Conwell tells a story of an ancient Persian named Ali Hafed.
Mr. Hafed was a wealthy and successful man who owned a nice farm. Mr. Hafed was
"wealthy because he was content and content because he was wealthy."

One day, Mr. Hafed heard a story about diamonds. He learned about their great
mysteries and potential value. Immediately, he became discontent with what he
had. He now felt poor. He wanted diamonds.

As a result, he sold his farm and possessions, left his family under the care of
a friend, and set off on his journey to finding his share of diamonds.

After several years of searching, Mr. Hafed lost all of his money and ended up
committing suicide. He died a poor, destitute man.

A short time later, the man who purchased Mr. Hafed's farm discovered several
diamonds on the property he purchased from Mr. Hafed. This discovery turned out
to be the "Golcanda" diamond mine, the largest diamond mine found in the history
of mankind.

Had Mr. Hafed started his search for diamonds on his own property, he would have
found what he was looking for. He would have found "Acres of Diamonds."

Throughout the book, Mr. Conwell gives several examples of similar situations.
The moral of his story is that you can achieve success right where you are right
now. You don't need to move off to some distant land.

If you're content with what you have, you are a wealthy person. Once you get
caught up with wanting more and more, you will never be content and therefore
you will be poor.

Like you, I want to be successful. I want to be remembered for leaving the world
a little better than I found it. I want to leave a legacy that lives on after
I die. I want to be respected and considered "successful" by my friends and

It's easy to think that the only way to achieve success is to achieve more.
It's easy to forget how "wealthy" we already are. It's normal to want what you
don't already have.

The true secret of success is to be grateful for what you do have. In other
words, count your blessings, not your challenges.

Remember, you already have your "acres of diamonds." You just need to open your
eyes to see it.

Charles Holmes is the author of 4 self-help books including the recent hit "The Champion, the Challenger and the Chump." To learn more Visit His Website

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