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The call center industry of the Philippines is considered by many industry experts as one of the most successful industries of the country. Part of what made it successful is not only because of its massive expansion all over the Philippines, but also because of its rapid expansion, which is believed to have only taken less than a decade.

According to many industry experts, the reason why the call center industry of the Philippines had grown so much in less than the usual time in which an industry grows is because of its outsourcing services in which many offshore companies have hired, such as what Magellan Call Center is known for.

Success through Outsourcing
All call center companies and agencies in the Philippines are mostly known as third-party companies offering outsourcing services to other businesses and companies. This served as a benefit for many businesses and companies, which allowed them to focus more on their core business rather than handle their own call center department.

One popular example of a call center company in the Philippines is Magellan Call Center, which is known for their call center services such as Order taking services. Like many other call center companies in the Philippines, Magellan Call Center started small. As a small outsourcing agency, Magellan Call Center focused on offering their services to small and medium companies.

Their service gained a lot of popularity among many smaller companies and businesses in the Philippines, such as their Order taking services for a fast-food chain or their reservation services to hotels or dentists.

Because of call center companies such as Magellan Call Center, many other businesses gained a lot of success on their own markets, which led to the increase of demand for call center services in the Philippines by all types of businesses, from small to big corporations.

Eventually, the industry grew larger, along also with the growth of call center companies in the Philippines as well as the success of others, such as Magellan Call Center who have gained a lot of success in the market. However, according to many industry experts, other than just servicing companies within the country, many call center companies and agencies have also stretched out their services to offshore companies.

Outsourcing for Offshore Companies
Many call center companies in the Philippines have also offered their services to a number of offshore companies coming from other countries, most of which came from the US. And according to many industry experts, this is the reason why the call center industry of the Philippines had gained its rapid success in the market.

Part of the reason why many foreign companies have chosen the Philippines as their base of outsourced services, particularly in terms of call center services, is because Filipinos are known for their fluency in the use of the English language, which gave an edge in the Philippines’ competence in call center services.

Another important factor is that the industry have already made significant success within the country alone, as well as the growth of call center services around the country from a simple customer relation service such as Order taking services, to a more business-to-business approach such as online business to customer support and online business to business support.

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