Accessories For Iphone - The Phone Functions As A Camera Phone

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Have you ever thought what an iphone is? And what feature it has. No? Let me tell you. A line of multimedia and internet which enabled smart phones design is known as an iphone. These iphone are manufactured by a very well known company named apple. Most of the produce found in the market is manufacture by this inc. not only iphone but also the accessory of the phone. The phone functions as a camera phone which has a portable media player, internet, visual voicemail and text messaging. The phone has an in build keyboard.

There is no separate keypad. So you use the multi touch screens which provide you with a useful keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. In the beginning people use to use gsm or cdma phones. But now every one is now changing their phone to iphones. Iphone has become the latest style of the people. Apple Inc is a very well known Inc who manufactures iphones. In the year 2007 iphone were introduce first by the apple inc. let see to some of the feature of the iphones. Let us start with the screen. Iphone has a touch screen of 9cm, scratch resistant glasses and a crystal clear display. The touch screen is design for a bare finger, or multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. The touch and signal features of the iPhone are based on technology originally developed by Finger Works. Most ornament and styluses prevent the necessary electrical conductivity.

The iphone also have a fingerprint-resistant coating. It also has two loudspeakers located on the phone. One is placed above the screen near the earpiece and other one is located to the left side of the device. The microphone is placed on the opposite side of the speakers. There is a volume controller on the left side of the device and one as a slider in the iPod application. These speakers are use for hands free operations and media playback. There is an internal rechargeable battery in the iphone. This battery is not user-replaceable. The battery can be charge by connect it to the computer with the USB dock connector cable or directly to the ac outlet.

There is a feature called moisture sensors which helps to find out whether the device is affected by water or no. This sensor is placed with a small disc in the headphone jack and near the dock connector. This sensor is only used by the Apple employees to find out whether the device qualifies for a warranty repair or replacement. There is software called iphone os in the iphone. By the help of this software you can view for the interface's motion graphics. This software is based on the Darwin operating system core which is found in Mac OS X. it also included is the Core Animation software component from Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. The software cannot be copy directly from Mac OSX it has to be written separately for the iphone. You can also use call holding, audio conferencing, call merging and integration with other cellular network features and iPhone functions.

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