AC Fans of all kinds

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Other than DC fans and Muffin fans, there are a third variety of fans that are available in the market- AC fans. AC fans are a great value buy as these come at a nominal price, are highly efficient and consume very little power. What's more, modern day AC fans come with an improved airflow, thereby making them all the more cost effective. And in case if you are wondering why cost is at the top of my mind, let me tell you- I know what recession is. Coming back to AC fans, they are used in a wide variety of machines to keep them in proper working order. AC fans are used in air conditioners, automotive applications, office machines, industrial machines, electronic equipment like laptops and desktops and various other things.

Though these days, DC fans are more popular as they are longer lasting, but still there is one area where AC fans have a huge advantage. AC fans are available with single and dual voltage specifications, isn't that great? And if we compare the single and dual voltage AC fans, the single voltage ones are better simply due to their neat design and low cost. This does not mean that dual voltage AC fans are not used at all (Why were they made if they are not to be used!) Dual voltage AC fans have their own uses in industrial machines and various other fields.

While purchasing an AC fan, there are a few qualities you must look for to make your investment a worthy one. Always pay attention to the frame of the AC fan and also the motor and the impeller of the product you are buying. To ensure longer life expectancy of the AC fan, it should have efficient ball bearings, so that is another thing you should look at while buying an AC fan.

Apart from these things, peruse the instruction manual of the AC fan. Make sure it has optimum resistance and dielectric strength. Also, the AC Fans should have a good level of impedance protection. But the most important factor to take into account while buying an AC fan is the operating temperature and operating voltage mentioned on the AC fan. Apart from all these things, checking the life expectancy of the ball bearings, noise level of the AC fan and checking the sleeve bearing helps in making an informed choice.


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