Abstract Simplicity

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This original canvas painting is an exploration of the things that are possible when lines and colors are explored and their composition in relation to one another is altered and constructed in a new way. The lines in this piece are all winding and tangled within each other while varying in size. Their layout renders this rather abstract piece into something vaguely familiar, like a warped series of arrows. This painting incorporates mostly curved lines and sharp angles, but there are also a few looser lines that have a more airy, undefined quality that grace the very center of the piece. The artist starts the lines with thin brush strokes and gradually increases the size of the lines which makes them appear to be shooting out of the canvas. This three dimensional appearance is very unique, but the bold red and black used to accent the lines gives it more depth. The gray and white background makes the subject lines stand out. This adds interest to the piece by providing a point of comparison between the subject and background. The colors in this piece also vary considerably without negating or being unattractive next to each other. This canvas artwork creates a number of planes that divide the piece into sections of colors and shapes that allow the eye to give greater focus to details and elements of the piece that might overwhelm an individual at first glance. For a piece with such disparate components at work, it somehow manages to combine all these elements in a way that is attractive and elegant.

Abstract Simplicity is available for purchase on four canvases. The multiple piece that this painting comes on is very appropriate for the lines and shapes depicted in the piece and allows them to create a depth that adds to the painting. This multiple canvas is an appropriate size to serve as the centerpiece of a contemporary room in your house or to add a bit of modern flair to even the most traditional of rooms. This piece's charm is in it's versatility and ability to explore multiple themes while still maintaining a harmonized visual style. If you would like to discover more pieces like this one, begin by looking in our Modern Canvas section. In addition, our piece Copper Streaks will surely appeal to you if you are drawn to bright, abstract pieces with contrasting shapes and visually engaging design.
Abstract Simplicity

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