Abstract Photography -- Techniques (Blur, Zooming In, Partial Object, and Photoshop Filters)

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There are numerous techniques for creating abstract photography images. This article will cover four of them (blur, zooming in, partial image, and Photoshop filters. Once the techniques have been learned, they may be applied to various subject matter to produce beautiful abstract images.

Using Blur

The blurring of objects is the initial technique which will be covered. Photos with a dreamy feel work best with this technique. Therefore, it is important to select the subject matter very carefully. Therefore, the more carefully the subject matter is selected, the better the final results.

There are a variety of ways that this technique can be carried out. Perhaps the simplest way is to use a soft focus lens. On the other hand, this is also the most expensive method. Affixing a soft focus filter to a regular lens creates a similar effect. Using panty hose stretched over the lens is yet another method. For people who prefer, the blur can always be added with Photoshop during the editing of the images.

Using Zooming In

The zooming in technique produces a very interesting effect. However, it does require a zoom lens. This technique employs a long shutter speed. While the shutter is open, the focal length of the lens is altered. Many photographers begin at a wide angle. Then, they zoom into a narrower angle.

With this particular technique, there are a few important points. When using this technique, a tripod is really necessary. Without a tripod, the photo will be blurred by camera motion. It is best to have a strong center of interest. For those images that lack a strong center of interest, the image generally seems to be just a collection of blurry lines.

Trial and error is part of this technique. Many images will, most likely, be taken to create one beautiful image. This is simply part of the procedure.

Partial Object

This technique does not photograph an entire object. Instead, the photographer isolates just a section of an object. Then, that section is photographed. The objective is to isolate the most interesting portion of an object.

Since form, color, and lines are quite important when the partial object technique is used, objects should be selected based on these factors.

Photoshop Filters

Another method is to add the abstract effect in the computer. For this method, Photoshop can be utilized. Photoshop filters provide one straightforward way to do this. The Photoshop filters can be found in the Filter menu. The key here is to experiment with the different filters. Then, you can choose the filter that produces the best results.

In Conclusion

Each of these techniques can create great abstract images. Although these techniques provide a good start with abstract photography, there is much more that can be discovered about the subject.

Would you like to discover more? Simply click Producing Abstract Photography.

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