Abstract Art Painting: How to Get Started

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You don't really have to be as imaginative as Picasso to get started on abstract art painting. In a way, abstract art is the most accommodating and forgiving style of art because it embodies the concept of "anything goes." So, get your brush and paper, and we'll tell you exactly how you can get started. Remember that the material and paperpaper you use will depend largely on the medium of your choice. Of course, you may also opt for canvas, but that's more expensive.

Starting Abstract Art Painting

To begin with, you may want to use acrylic paint. This type of paint dries quickly, which means you can paint over your creation several times in one session. Oil paint isn't advisable for beginners because it doesn't dry in one session and you may just end up creating a greyish-brown painting blur. You can choose to buy paper that's already primed for acrylic paint or prime ordinary paper yourself if you know how. And since

Important Things To Consider

Be Spontaneous - One of the things you should remember when it comes to abstract art painting is being spontaneous. This means letting your hand and brush take control, calling up visions from the depths of your soul as if you were in a trance.

Use Your Intelligence - But, spontaneity isn't all there is to abstract art. Another side of abstract art painting is using intelligence allowing you to guide your instincts. Most people balk at the word "intelligence," thinking it's the sole possession of geeks and nerds. What you must realize is that each one of us has intelligence and you'll have to use it to a certain extent; otherwise, you'll end up with a visually interesting yet meaningless painting.

Finding Your Inspiration

You may want to use Courtney Simms as an inspiration. She's a self-taught artist who started painting with acrylic paint in the year 2005. Just recently, Simms introduced oil painting into her repertoire. Courtney Simms mostly conveys her artistic message in contemporary and abstract art painting. In her abstract painting, she usually experiments with colour and texture. Following this example, you may want to start painting random forms without any preconceived plan and using only your instincts as guide. For further inspiration, you may want to visit Simms' website (www.courtneysimms.com) to get an idea of how she does her work.

In using this approach, however, it's very important that you know when to stop and start thinking about what you're really trying to accomplish. When you get the feeling that you can no longer continue without over-painting your previous brush strokes, then it's best to end your session right there. You may then continue working on your abstract art painting when you've contemplated on what you've done so far and what end result you're trying to arrive at. Never assume that you can finish one painting in a single session. You should learn when to stop and allow new insights and ideas take form so you can continue with your work.

Courtney Simms specializes in abstract art paintings

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