About Offshore Company Formation in Tax Havens

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If you are really keen in offshore company formation in a foreign country, collecting as much valuable information as possible will assist in ascertaining hassle-free designing and implementation of business plans. Employing the services of a specialized company will help you in the entire process, but you should read the following information before commencing offshore company formation in tax havens, i.e. countries or independent regions where taxes are low.
The major causes for registering an offshore company include tax avoidance or minimization, asset protection and privacy. Keep in mind that there is a noteworthy difference between the phrase tax avoidance, which is lawfully reducing tax obligations, and the phrase tax evasion, which is nonpayment of taxes and illegal.
The term 'tax havens' is not officially authorized. It usually denotes countries that permit overseas businesses to incorporate their company with tax-freedom or very little tax obligations. The procedure for forming a company, the time consumed and costs involved are often considerably easier and lower than their own jurisdiction. Nevertheless, it must also be remembered that the 'tax havens' word is being cited to a lesser extent since more and more jurisdictions execute global standards of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

There are a number of countries that provide the best benefits for offshore company formation. However, the formation is dependent on several factors like the region of residency of the registrant, the types of business and the grounds why he/she seeks an offshore company formation. Language may play a crucial role as well. Nevertheless, jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Nevada in the United States attract numerous businessmen to establish an offshore business entity because of liberal tax structures, minimum record keeping, infrastructure, strict owner privacy laws and reputation as business centers.

The offshore companies are identified by various names. In the Seychelles, for instance, they are called International Business Companies (IBCs). In the British Virgin Islands, they are known as the Business Companies. Other names include Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Private Companies Limited by Shares and so on. They all possess one common thing. They are lawful that are permitted to own assets and make income.

It is definitely not against the law to set up a company in a different country. As a matter of fact, there is no disparity between having shares in a domestic company and having shares in a company located overseas. Certain governments allow tax transfers from domestic companies to specific offshore locations, so you must have a discussion regarding this with your tax consultant before going for offshore company formation.

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