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Decorative bottles are always a nice touch to any home. You can adore the living room, the bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen—the whole house!—with decorative bottles and still make it look like it needs some more. Simply put, these bottles never fail to display a sense of hominess that decorative bottle collectors love.

A decorative bottle is a piece of ordinary bottle that was creatively decorated with different designs to transform it into a decorating and even a collectible item.

You can take any piece of empty bottle lying around the house, add some paint and raffia around it, and you end up with an item fit for display in the living room. It's a great way to recycle old and empty bottles.

Some examples of decorative bottles are decorative glass bottles, decorative perfume bottles, decorative wine bottles, decorative milk bottles, and etc.

Decorative bottles are available for wholesale. You can buy them at novelty shops and some department stores. On the Internet, check for companies specializing in decorative bottles that sells their merchandise online. You can also check popular trading websites for trade offers.

Buy them wholesale, or make your own decorative bottles. Fact is making decorative bottles is a great handicraft activity—it stimulates creativity using just a bunch of simple materials you can find around the house. But if you're gunning to become really good at it, experiment with advanced techniques such as etching your own designs on the bottle's surface.

You can't go wrong with decorative bottles.


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