ABC's of Travelling with Children

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People often wonder how families like us with younger children manage to travel. Well, my husband and I have children aged 10, 3, and 9 months old and also own our own successful property and internet business which requires us to travel frequently all over the world.

I am the first to admit that this is not a easy task all the time, but with a little thought, organising and planning, it is very very rewarding emotionally for all the family. Plus what other business would allow you to take your children on journeys, I love the work I do and freedom that I have.

As I am a frequent traveller with my family I have put together a few tips on travelling with Children I believe they will be very helpful.

Travelling can become tiring and boring, keep your Children positive, remind them of the new and exciting adventures that await them once they arrive.

Give the Children as many details as possible about the destination, such as amusement parks and other exciting attractions maybe even buy them some books or pamphlets so they can do their own investigating.

Children need to feel important and independent. Let your Children have some of their own spending money to take away, Maybe encourage them to save some spending money of their own, this way you are teaching them the Importance of Budgets and the Value of money.

Food is also an important factor for travelling what child does not like to eat?, Let your children help you pack a snack box for the journey as long as there is a certain amount of healthy foods, because you do not want hyperactive children on a plane with Limited amount of space, Do be careful which foods are packed as some foods are not allowed in other countries.

I find that if you keep your child entertained and amused they are a lot happier, a lot of international flights will have in flight entertainment but I usually pack, a reading book and a small game usually electronic and I try to avoid small toys as parts are easily lost.

Most people would not dream of taking their children on flights over 10-20 hours or even less, I would not dream of NOT taking my children.

The rewards far out way the negative, rewarding as we have the freedom to travel when we need to, the business is still able to operate, the children get to see the world, what a learning experience for them, and the best thing is we get to do this as a family.

If travel is a big part of your life or even if you are planning a family holiday and need some friendly advice from a someone who is always learning new skills to keep my children, happy amused and content with Travel take a look at ABC's of Travelling with Children:

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