A way use an IP phone videoIP Phone Video: Find out how to use it

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IP phone video used by individuals and businesses to communicate around the world, is at the present time a must-have tool.
IP phone video is the latest version of internet telephony. With internet telephony you can do very cheap calls, but IP phone video allows you to do so much more.

IP phone video is not very complicated to use and will able you to do video conference calling, chatting to your family and friends while finally be able to see them even when on the other side of the world. It can improve adaption rates resulting in business productivity .

In addition, IP phone video allows the traduction of voicemails to emails, business process integration and even instant messaging. . It is known to be quite reliable, and offers good solution for business organization.

Upgrade to IP phone video to boost your business, improve organization and considerably decrease costs.

All you need to have, is a computer, internet connection and an analogue video phone and you're good to use it.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use IP phone video.

Firstly connect the main telephone box and handset with the phone cables, configure the features of a phone according to the user manual. After it is done, you can start using your IP phone video. Button interface is similar to the regular phone, there are just some additional buttons for instance organizer, navigation, settings and network configuration keys et cetera. The screen rotates, as a result you may move it around.

To make a call:
Get the handset, dial the number or select the number from a telephone directory and press the calling
button. When your interlocutor received you call, you can see him or her on a screen. The sound and picture are flawless and with no delay.

To receive a call:
Choose an answer button and pick up a handset.

To make a conference call:
IP phone video lets you handle meetings using video conferencing, you only need to select the conference button, dial a number and choose join button from a phone interface.

You can also connect your IP phone video to desktops, laptops, TVs etc. therefore you are able to see an interlocutor in a big screen. Check more reviews about IP phone video

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