A Useful Guide to How Mobile Ticketing Actually Works

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It is your favorite baseball team playing, that too in your own city. The match is just a couple of days away and the tickets are available online for you to purchase. Till a few years back, purchasing tickets online would also include high delivery charges or in certain circumstances may also include waiting in the online queue for days, just hoping that someone would cancel his bookings. Today such problems have become history. With the introduction of mobile ticketing, booking tickets for any event, with the help of your handheld, has become an extremely easy task.
With the help of mobile ticketing, you can get the tickets delivered right to your own mobile phone. Such electronic reservations do not require any print outs. All you have to do is save the text message, which will contain the ticket in the form of a barcode. Simply go to the event with the text message. They will scan the barcode and then you are in. However, there are still some people who have doubts about how mobile booking, for various events, work. Here are some important steps about what you need to do and how it works:

• Once you have decided to buy the tickets to a special event, simply pay for it using various mobile payments that would be available for you and select “mobile ticketing” as the delivery option.
• Do not forget to mention your mobile phone number together with your network operator and the model of your cell phone. These may also act as vital proofs for verification at the venue.
• Once the transaction is completed, you would instantly receive a message on your cell phone. In case your phone is WAP or MMS enabled then the message would include a barcode with an image. On the other hand, if your set does not support such features, then you would simply receive a unique alphanumeric code which needs to be manually entered at the venue where the event is going to be held.
• It is important for you to remember not to delete the text message that you have received. This would act as your pass to enter the venue. Make sure to either leave it in the inbox or save it.
• Once at the venue keep the text message ready because you need to show it to the ticket collectors present at the gate. In most of the cases, it is seen that those who carry such electronic passes are entered through a special gate where barcode readers are installed. However, in case your phone does not accept images or the code is not readable at all, then it needs to be entered manually. Once this is done, you may enter and enjoy the event.

These steps prove how easy it is to use mobile ticketing
to book tickets to any event by using your handheld. If you wish to enjoy the world of online ticket reservations, then choose Cart2Mobile for your smartphone. This would definitely help you understand how beneficial mobile ticketing actually is.

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