A true tummy firming cream will be formulated with high concentrations of natural vitamins

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Let's face it. Having loose, drooping skin in the tummy area is a condition no one wants to experience. The facts are, however, if you've lost weight, gone through a pregnancy or you're getting older, the fibers of the skin can become weak, causing your skin to sag. However, advances in products which boost your natural production of skin-firming proteins and fatty acids are providing solutions to this troublesome problem. When you know which ingredients to look for, it's easy to locate a tummy firming cream which can improve the tone and texture of your skin. Let me explain.

You see, dermatological scientists have been hard at work researching the most powerful ingredients for improving collagen and elastin production from within your skin cells. This production can be disrupted by drastic changes in the body due to aging, weight loss and pregnancy. Experts have discovered this production can be restored by providing cell-stimulating nutrients from substances which have a molecular structure which is similar to the skin.

I won't bore you with a bunch of scientific details, but suffice it to say, these ingredients work in harmony with the natural chemistry of the skin.

If you've tried other skin-firming products only to be disappointed, chances are they were made from synthetic-based ingredients which are incapable of interacting with the natural structure of your skin. The synthetic chemicals, preservatives, alcohols, dyes and fragrances which make up the vast majority of these creams have NOTHING to do with supporting healthy skin cell function. Your skin may feel tighter, but this is just a temporary effect created by a heavy chemical film, which will be washed away with your next bath or shower.

A true tummy firming cream will be formulated with high concentrations of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins which are able to reach the deepest levels of your dermis to deliver cell-stimulating nutrients. Cells go back to work producing healthy levels of collagen and elastin, which strengthen the weakened fibers of your skin. With time you begin to experience a firmer, more elastic tone in the tummy area.

But it's not just about the firmness of your skin. Healthy moisture is also taken into consideration with the addition of rich-plant based oils and emollients. All together, these ingredients combine to make a powerful treatment which strengthens and supports the underlying health of your skin.

Some of the most effective ingredients scientists have researched and tested include natural vitamin E, Co Enzyme Q 10, functional keratin, Japanese sea algae, active Manuka honey, babbasu, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado and macadamia nut oils, and shea butter.

Repeated studies of these substances on human volunteers show significant increases in collagen and elastin production, moisture retention, antioxidant activity and new cell growth.

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