A tribute to the Legend of the Seeker

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The legend of the Seeker was a show which was widely acclaimed and nobody expected it to end so abruptly. People were so attached to the show that even now they search for websites which offer the facility to download Legend of the Seeker. The magic of the series had just begun when it was cancelled by the network after completion of just two seasons.
However, initially people didn't like the concept of the show. As the series was a sequel to Xena: The Warrior Princess, most of the audience expected similar costumes and strictly un-ironic dialogues. They thought that the show would be in line with other shows like The Sword of Truth or A Wizard of the First Order.
But after people accessed the first episode through Legend of the Seeker download, they found that the fantasy plots were quite excellent. The series was packed with full fledged action and flavored with humor. Besides, with the inclusion of top notch actors like Bruce Spence, Craig Horner, Bridget Regan and Craig Parker, the show became quite tempting. On top of that, the addition of the glamorous and beautiful Tabrett Bethell, as a regular cast made the show simply, awesome.
If you download Legend of the Seeker episodes, you will find that one of the features, which make the series outstanding, is its excellent fight choreography as well as cinematography. The show was the only television show which brought fight sequences meant for cinema to the small screen. The combat scenes as depicted in the series have never looked so brutal and at the same time so beautiful in any other show. Even the one to one duels presented in this show have been shot beautifully.
The characters of this show have acquired worldwide popularity. In a survey, Horner's character, Richard Cypher was voted as one of the 7 top Sexiest Men of Fantasy. Even the fight scenes depicted in the show attained instant stardom. If you download Legend of the Seeker you will find just why the show still lives on in the minds of its fans.
Another thing about the Legend of the Seeker is that it contains comparatively less humor than Xena. Unlike Xena, the show doesn't contain any wry cultural references. The best part of the series is that it portrays everything straight and does not contain vulgar language. If you access Legend of the Seeker download, you will find that the characters of this series are not dull like that of Xena.
Thus, the series truly deserves a fitting tribute. And what can be a better tribute than watching it online.

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