A Tearful Father-Daughter Reunion was Just a Cell Phone Lookup Away

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Wow, have you heard the recent news story about the father and daughter who were reunited after 27 years? That is so sad and yet so happy and inspirational. The girl's mother took her for a quick family visit to Ecuador and never returned. The father was told the child died from a mosquito bite. Can you believe it? This child was his whole life, and the poor man had been grieving all those years.

Then one day, as a fun experiment, he Google'd his own name and one of the search results nearly gave him a heart attack. In a blog entry, a young girl was announcing her search for her father, and the father was ... he. She's been told that her father died in a diving accident, but she didn't believe it. When he read this, he didn't believe it either: he was certain it was some cruel prank.

In fact, at that very time, the strong-willed young lady had come to the United States and was determined to find her father. She had done some research on the best ways to find information on people. She wanted to surprise her father with a call out of nowhere and was hoping to find his number in a cell phone directory. She decided to try a cell phone lookup, and found all the information she needed to find her father. He was still living in Renton, Washington, he appeared to be living alone, and there was his current cell phone number.

When his daughter called him, the poor dumbfounded father finally had to accept the fact that it had all been true, and he was about to be reunited with his daughter, now thirty years old and pregnant. Not only has he gained back his daughter, she is about to gift him with a new grandchild. They plan to live together. There really is universal justice. It often takes a cell phone lookup to restore it.

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