A Tale of Sweet Jewelry Boxes

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This charter, drawn up by a gathered collective of the disorganized and neglected jewelry collections of the world, is submitted with the intension of obtaining and securing certain rights and privileges for all pieces of jewelry, regardless of their shape, size and/or function. All rings, earrings, bracelets, and various other sundry pieces of jewelry, etc. etc. have had a say in the composition of this document and give their approval of the forgoing:

It is the belief, both reasonable and just, of all pieces of jewelry that they have both the right and the need to be properly stored, organized and cared for, regardless of the size of the individual collection to which they belong. It is also their belief that jewelry boxes would do much to improve the lot of those pieces of jewelry which belong to collections that are kept in disarray and confusion, scattered here and there with no rhyme or reason whatsoever. We, the disenfranchised and dissatisfied pieces of jewelry, have heard a great deal about jewelry boxes and have come to the conclusion that they are the solution to our discontent.

If it may be permitted, we should now like to outline the possible benefits, both to us, the jewelry, and our owners, of jewelry boxes as a system of organization as opposed to the inadequate and inefficient system currently in

Firstly, it is stated that jewelry boxes take the specific needs of all types of jewelry into account. Rings can be stored in ring rolls to be kept from rolling about and sustaining damage to themselves. Watches may be stored on cushions to preserve the integrity of their wristbands. Necklaces may be placed on hooks in order to prevent unwanted tangles with other necklaces. Soft lining also protects us from the nicks and scratches we may otherwise sustain under the current system. It is the unalienable right of jewelry everywhere to enjoy these protections from harm. Jewelry boxes can satisfy and uphold these rights while the back corner of the sock drawer and the top shelf of the medicine cabinet cannot. These can be potentially hazardous to jewelry and no jewelry should be kept in such an indifferent manner. We believe it to be the responsibility of the owner of any jewelry collection to provide a system of storage that satisfies the rights of jewelry and the subsequent demands of this charter.

Coming now to the owner, this charter is not without reciprocal provisions for that party. It is our belief that the satisfaction of the rights of jewelry will also grant privileges and rights to the owner of the jewelry. Jewelry boxes will not only secure the rights to safe keeping possessed by jewelry, but also secure the right of the owner to boast a jewelry collection free from damages and safe from various forms of harm. Some jewelry boxes may grant the owner the privilege of keeping their jewelry collection under lock and key and safe from interlopers and trespassers. Jewelry boxes also guarantee the owner’s right to an organized collection where whichever piece or pieces the owner may desire shall be easily located and selected, and not hunted for desperately at the last minute.

Thusly, we, the jewelry, believe that jewelry boxes will be the answer to both our troubles and the troubles of the owner(s). From the research we have conducted it has been determined that jewelry boxes exist in a bewildering variety and should be readily available to the owners at reasonable prices.We, the jewelry, have spoken.

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