A swift system detoxification routine

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I understand that we need to constantly clean our system out of toxins. This is like we have a bath everyday. It is very important to remain clean from inside as well as outside. You skin is a mirror of your inner self. Not only the skin but removing the toxins from your body is significant to protect your heart, your stomach and your entire system. The routine mentioned below acts as a rest period for our organs. Follow a simple 3 day purifying routine every month before the toxins accumulate again and you will witness amazing results. I started this and now automatically I feel the urge to go through this routine once every month. I can see the difference. And you will never forget to thank ME.

On the first days drink as much of liquids as you can. Drink it in the form of warm water, lime juice and fruit juice. Consume atleast 8 glasses of warm water. Also have raw fruits and vegetables. On the 3rd day add vegetable juice like carrot juice, coriander juice, beetroot juice and mixed vegetable juice to your diet. It may sound difficult and you may experience some discomfort initially but you will achieve positive results.

The fibers present in raw fruits and vegetables are essential to clean your system by improving the bowel movement. It also acts as antioxidants which are missing in processed food. A glass of lime juice in warm water (first thing in the morning), assists in cleansing the body.

Keep in mind to follow this only if you are medically fit and are not under any work or related pressure. Keep your mind calm and have a peaceful sleep during this routine. Avoid intake of tea and coffee during this routine and then You will tell me the results. I will wait for it.

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