A stylish hairstyle for your curly hair

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Hairstyle is something that should be suitable for your face cutting and personal style statement. There are number of face cuttings like diamond face cutting, pear shaped face, heart shaped face, rectangular face cutting, round face and also oval face. Each face type matches with different types of hair cutting. Trim your hair in a style that can compliment your face structure. Here not about hair trimming or hair cutting but we will be discussing on two types of hairstyles, which can be made by you. You can make this on your hair very easily with the guide we are now providing you.

Dragged side braids: braids are the same boring option for long straight or curly hair. Braiding of your hair is very good in this scorching heat. It saves your hair from getting tangling. But you must be boring about your otherwise same braids without any variation. You can make your plait beautiful and can give it an unusual look. Dragged sided braids are these types of braids, which have a unique look. It can control your hair. But in particular this hairstyle is mainly for curly hair. It can control your curly hair and at the same time it can create a fashionable look. It allows your beautiful curly hair to flow free. At the back portion your curly hair falls in a mass. Here we will give you the details of the dragged sided braids. You can practice this and then you can apply this on your hair. It is very easy.

Its just braiding hair at the sides and looking great. At first comb your hair and part your hair in the center. Now divide off a large section at the side from your hair. Comb it flat and straight as much as possible. Now make a plain braid out of it. First of all divide the section into three equal sections and hold them apart. Now pull the equal three strands towards your face and now create a dragged braid. In a normal way braid your strands. Take the right strand over the center strand and then take the left strand over the center strand. And again take the right strand over the center strand.

Proceed this way and you will get that look. At the end of your braid cover the braid with a covered band. Tuck the braid behind of your ear and place it there. Now make another braid on the other side. This side braid will grip your curly hair and you can flaunt your mass of curly hair freely but with a style.

Time it will take approximately 5 minutes and the whole process is very simple, as it is only about braiding nothing else. Your curly long and permed hair is perfect for this type of styling. For creating you will need a styling comb, to cover the ends you will need two covered bands and to place the braids you will have to have hairgrips. Thus the braiding does a lot of styling to your hair and also makes your hair look smart and gorgeous.

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