A special memory

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It has become popular for people to have a small portion of their loved ones cremated ashes to be made into ashes jewellery or memory jewels. A lot of people prefer to have a simple urn to remember their beloved, but this is seems like a great idea to others as it is a more personal keepsake to remember their friends and family by.

Some people ask if they can have the ashes put into a piece of jewellery they already own. This all depends on certain factors of the existing piece of jewellery, such as the mounting of the gemstones and the design.

If you are undecided about having some of your loved ones ashes made into ashes jewellery, then you can make this decision at a later date; the same applies if you wish to have replacement gem stones made.

It is always important to remember that your ashes jewellery is just as vulnerable to be broken or damaged as any other piece of jewellery. The correct care and maintenance should be taken when looking after your jewellery. Have a look at the tips below on how to care for your ashes jewellery.

1. Always ensure that you remove your jewellery before washing your hands or washing dishes

2. Do not allow your ashes jewellery to become covered in make up, hand cream and perfume, as this will cause your jewellery to lose its colour and shine

3. Use a soft jewellery polishing cloth to clean your ashes jewellery

4. Always store your ashes jewellery separately from other jewellery to avoid any scratches

If you are considering having some ashes jewellery made from the ashes of your loved ones, then contact us here at Lay To Rest for the benefit of our expertise. We can provide you with ashes jewellery that will really complement the life of your loved ones.

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