A short tour from the history to the modern age of hair irons

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The hair straighteners or the curling irons are one of the most newly added items in the world of hair styling tools. History says that the tradition is not much older than a couple of centuries. If we have a look in search of its origin it is found that nor far back the idea of having such a tool dates around the later half of the nineteenth century. It was perhaps in 1872, that Erica Feldman used heated rods to straighten or style hair. And years later in 1890, Marcel Grateau was considered as the creator of curling irons. The hair straighteners or the curling irons did not get much attention on its first appearance. Though the need for straightening the hair was felt and for achieving it Ian Gutgold used hard chemicals on the hair and scalp to straighten the hair. But that was also not much of a hit idea as the result was often burnt scalps and hair.

During the 1960s women were found to use clothing irons to straighten waves and curls out of their head. Now there grows the need for the hair straighteners. In 1909 Isaac K. Shero patented a hair straightener that was composed of two flat irons that were to be heated and pressed together. However the hair straighteners that we know today was the contribution of Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield, who combined all the previous efforts and refined them into a hinged, two plated heated iron in 1912.

Only later on came the present days ceramic and electric hair straighteners. But still these days also non electric hair straighteners are being used and manufactured though in a limited capacity. Now let us discuss about some of the special features and the developments of hair straighteners. These days with the development of technology the hair straighteners has gone through gradual changes of developments. Now it has become more easier and safer to use a hair straightener. And with the introduction of ceramic heating technology in the hair straighteners and hair irons hair styling got new levels of safety and styling.

These days most of the hair irons use ceramic plates for the better styling of the hair. The question may come, what is the function of ceramic heating and what are its advantages? The ceramic plates that are used in the present day hair irons emits negative ions when they are heated thus when it is applied to the hair these negative ions runs through the hair. These negative ions helps in closing the cuticles of the hair after straightening. And with the closing of the hair cuticles the natural moisture of the hair gets locked into the hair and in this way the hair becomes smooth and shiny. But the development of technology has not stopped yet nor did the efforts for the betterment of hair straighteners got stagnant. And the result is the recent use of tourmaline heating technology in place of ceramic heating. This is done because tourmaline heating helps in realizing more negative ions than ceramic heating thus the result is better than ceramic heating. And the efforts for the betterment of hair straighteners is still going on.

These days the hair straighteners are the most popular of hair styling tools available to us. Thus it is seen that the hair straighteners has done a drastic development in the last few years and now it has become the most common household item.

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