A Ride through the Satellite TV features

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Besides featuring numerous entertaining shows and programs for the viewers, Satellite TV also provides access to some of its unique features that the subscribers would love to utilize. With the coming of cable TV viewers felt that this is beginning of the new age of entertainment and technology, but not for a long time. Many new programs were being launched but after some time people lost interest as most of them were being repeated and above all the sound and picture quality was not up to the mark. There were no additional features as well.

With the coming of DISH Network the entire scenario changed and for the better. The viewers can now watch countless number of shows and programs on a diverse range of channels suiting their needs and choices. There are so many options available that the viewers will never say, "Look guys, I am done" or "I am feeling bored". Instead you will hear, "hey guys, I am having a great time". The viewers have a wonderful time watching their favorite sports, countless number of blockbuster movies, documentaries, reality bites, dramas, music and so many other things. There are a lot of features that the subscribers can enjoy besides enjoying shows on television. Let us take a ride through these different features.

Electronic Programming Guide (EPG):

Since there are so many shows and programs featured on numerous channels, it becomes very difficult to remember the individual timings of these shows. It is quite natural of you to forget the broadcast time of some of the shows and the respective channels on your Satellite DISH TV. The Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) can lend you a helping hand in this case. The EPG is a database that contains the list of all the shows and programs being featured on all the channels. The details include the name of the show, show timing and the channel where it will be broadcasted.

There is a separate section for the upcoming new shows to be launched with the relevant details in the EPG. So you can browse through the list and select the show that you would like to watch.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR):

There are times when you are unable to reach home on time and miss watching your favorite show or a long awaited premier. There can be several reasons for you to miss the show, but you need not have to worry with DVR by your side. The best feature of DISH TV is the DVR that can pause and record live TV. So any time you feel that you will not be able to make it for the show on a particular day, do not worry at all. Put the timer on and the DVR will record the show or any movie that you so desire to watch. The DVR can do recording for long hours.

Mobile Applications:

Yet another interesting feature of your DISH HD TV is mobile applications. This technology helps you to gain direct access to your DVR. So even if you are away from home and have suddenly realized that you forgot to set the timer on your DVR, do not panic. Your smart phone will solve all your problems. Smart phones like iPhone or iPhone Touch can help you to gain access to your DVR and you can set the timer on any time and anywhere.

Multi-Screen Viewing:

Through Multi-Screen Viewing you can watch up to 6 programs on the same television screens. So you no longer have to fight over the remote anymore. The entire family can watch their personal favorites without any disturbance.

DISH TV brings you some of the best interactive features which a normal cable TV cannot provide. And if you want more details on DISH Network Packages you can log on to our website.

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