A review of Yournetbiz, the facts

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If you have been around on the internet looking for money making opportunities then you have more than likely heard of Yournetbiz, but do you know anything about them? In this article I will explain what they are about and what I think makes them a good business to be a part of. .

The benefits.
Everything is set up for you. They set up all your weblinks that you will need to market your opportunity as well as pre-made lead capture pages for you to use to promote the opportunity.
No personal selling as a personal business assistant will close the sale for you. You just use your links to drive potential customers to Yournetbiz.
Your converted customers become a downline in your team and when they sell you make an override commission from them.
Your own business portfolio where you can sell other products besides the opportunity.
Your own Retail Center where you can sell yournetbiz digital products, eg: e-books.
The Media Vault, which is the training section, teaching you how to market you opportunity, this is generic and can be applied to any other opportunities you may get involved in.
If you are on Platinum level you are entitled to the vacation club where you receive discounted holidays.

I have explained the benefits now i will explain about the different commission levels.

There are 4 commission levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze: This is the lowest commission level earning you $300 per sale.
Silver: The second commission level earning you $700 per sale
Gold The 3rd commission level earning you $1400 per sale
Platinum: The 4th and highest commission level earning you $2000 per sale

As you can see there is good money to be made however you cannot get on board a money making opportunity like this for free, there has to be an investment, these are as follows.

Bronze: A $495 investment
Silver: A $995 investment
Gold: A $1995 investment
Platinum: A $2995 investment

I apologize if I sound like a salesman, that is not my intention, I merely wish to describe this opportunity as accurately as I can, it is up to you whether or not you want to learn more. I hope you have found this article informative.

Why believe me? See the proof http://www.yournetbizproof.info
About me: http://www.aboutyourinviter.info
Learn more and request more information about this opportunity http://www.2kweekly.com

Thank you for reading my article, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Matthew Haskins
Skype Silverg86

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