A Review Of The Kef KHT1005-2 Home Theatre System

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Kef KHT-1005-2 Review: A Budget Priced System that Delivers on Both Sound Quality and Style

The Kef KHT-1005-2 is an entry level home cinema system that provides cinema quality surround sound at an affordable price that may suit even the tightest of budgets. Like similar systems, it features an array of satellite speakers as well as a main subwoofer, which can all easily be connected directly to a television or a central receiver. Anyone who is considering purchasing a new home speaker system should consider this high quality speaker system.

Similar to its competitors, the Kef KHT-1005-2 includes a centre front speaker and four satellites that can be arranged in any desirable configuration within your home. The subwoofer has an onboard amplifier with 200 Watts of power, which means that these speakers are powerful enough to reproduce loud sounds without introducing any distortion into the signal chain or drowning out the higher frequencies. Additionally, space does need not be a concern with the Kef KHT-1005-2, since the sub and the satellite speakers all feature compact, space-saving designs.

The Kef KHT-1005 is able to reproduce mid and high frequency sounds with amazing clarity and without adding too much treble. Although the bass is a little thin at times, distortion is not created when the subwoofer is reproducing loud sounds and there are no unwanted rumbling sounds that some other systems produce due to electronics and other internal components that have not been properly bolted down.

The Kef KHT1005 is a very well built system that will last for many years. The enclosures for all of the speakers are also aesthetically pleasing and should be able to survive a few knocks and falls. All of the enclosures are compact and have been constructed from lightweight and highly durable aluminum. The binding posts are spring-loaded and have been made with high quality, durable metals that will not get worn out, even if you disconnect and reconnect the entire system numerous times.

You should have no problems connecting the KHT1005-2 to your television or receiver. The package includes a manual that is very clearly written and easy to follow as well as connectors that make attaching the speaker wire a quick and simple process. By using spring-loaded bindings, instead of screws, connecting the speakers is an easy task that takes no time at all, and the speakers can be affixed to the walls with ease via the included wall-mounted brackets. If the wall brackets are not right for you, speaker stands are also available as a separate purchase.

For shoppers who are looking for a high quality, budget-priced system, the Kef KHT1005-2 is definitely worth considering. This speaker system is more than capable of producing clear and even tones at a good level of loudness. It also features an attractive and stylish package with speakers that come in either a glossy black or matt silver finish. The Kef KHT1005 is a speaker system that is more than worth its reasonable price tag, and it does not sacrifice sound quality, style, or power.

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