A Review of Dahle Super Shears Premium Scissors

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Scissors and shears are two products that Dahle excels at manufacturing. They offer several types of scissors and they have one premium line that rules the roost: Dahle Super Shears. If you're looking for the best pair of scissors you'll ever have, you need a pair of Super Shears. It's that simple. So here's all you need to know about this product. There are a couple of disadvantages (as there would be with anything else), but as you will see, there are so many advantages the disadvantages don't really matter too much.


  • Dahle Super Shears come in seven different lengths so you will be able to choose the right pair of scissors for the object you are cutting. (Also, it will be easy to select a pair that your hand can comfortably hold.) Here are the sizes that are available: Model number 5004 offers a 4" blade, model 50005 offers a 5" blade, model 50006 are six inches, 50007 are seven inches, 50008 are eight inches, 50009 are nine inches and 50010 are ten inches. Also, there is another model, the 50038, which is known as the All-Around Shear. Its length is 8 inches. (More on this product in a moment.)
  • These cutters can cut just about anything you would ever need to cut. They can tackle paper, fabric, plastic, and a lot of other different kinds of materials. The All-Around Shears have micro-toothed edges on the blades, which makes them perfect for cutting really tough items.
  • These products can be used in a variety of settings. They are great for use in the home for crafts, coupon-clipping, and other daily cutting needs. They can also be used by professional office workers, teachers, students, and creative types. Anyone who needs a great pair of shears will love these cutting tools.
  • The blades of these shears are some of the best available. Each one is made from double-ground Solingen steel that has a hardness rating of 56 Rockwell. These blades are very sharp, so you should be careful when using them, but their sharpness enables them to cut through just about anything. The blades are so well honed you can even do very precise cutting with them and they're rust-resistant as well.
  • The handles of these shears are made out of ABS plastic, which is a very durable material. In fact, this plastic is so tough, it is basically unbreakable. Combine that with the steel blades and you have one extremely sturdy pair of shears.
  • Although the plastic used on the handles is sturdy, the handles have been designed to be comfortable so your hand doesn't get worn out when you use these shears.
  • Each pair is covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • The All-Around Shear is only available in one length. Likewise, none of the other pairs have the micro-toothed feature.
  • Despite Dahle's best efforts to make the handles comfortable, some people may still find the plastic a little bit too hard. In that case, a pair of Dahle Comfort-Grip shears might be a better fit since they are ergonomically correct and the handles are made from a softer material.
  • These shears are not cheap, so they are definitely not the pair to get if you need just a basic, cheap cutting tool. They range in price from $21.95 for the 4" pair to $36.95 for the All-Around pair. While these cost more than most pairs of scissors, you will probably find that they are worth the price.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using - and owning - a pair of Dahle Super Shears. So get your pair today!

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