A representation of politics and crime

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Crime is any action that is against law but law came very later. Crime is self explanatory in its own ways and manners. We know about it even before consciously doing it. This happens because it is built in our system from our parents and caretakers. We learn from our society. Without even being told we get aware about wrongs and rights the way we grow up. Criminal cases India has seen a sharp rise in recent years but so of the world. Bihar is notoriously involved in Crime news. Bihar News was always conveyer of dark corners of the state, ravaged with criminal affairs. Somehow Political News could never stay away from crime in this particular state.

Politics news has always been influenced with negative activities. Anybody could claim that these two are Siamese. The “Power” factor of politics makes crime inevitable. As mere viewers, we get to see only what is allowed. One can also use word “digestible” if social stance is regarded. Real picture remain hidden far away. Names have been marred. Reputation got dirty in this wake. Things still remain same more or less. Common man can never fathom the abyss politics has made. People may share the feeling that Bihar News represents the epitome of it.

Crime news India hence encompasses political news mostly. Rest is other crimes. Bihar being lowest on literacy rate becomes the centre of young population easily led astray. Money holds ultimate power when survival is a question. Even knowledge is made secondary. Sad truth as it may seem but nevertheless a truth. Weaker sections of society need support in terms that can negate money. There are attempts from government to strengthen them. Monetary as well as morale motivation is required to grow as a nation. These efforts seem to be nullified by selfish politics however.

Social strengthening’s with government aid has gone very far indeed but still not a single step. Things are at elementary level for many states in India even long after the Independence. With increasing crime cases India we can see crime rate rising. The only hope is knowledge and common goal of social sufficiency. With new time it is hoped that things in Bihar would also take a dramatic turn. New reign seems determined in its efforts as mentioned proudly in Bihar news. Politics can be good also if bad. Nothing comes with singularity. We can only hope for best for our nation!

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