A Reflection of Reality

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‘The Stepfather' is a new movie to be released in UAE which is a mirror reflection of reality. The reason why this film will connect with the audience in the Middle East is because each and every character in the movie storyline mimics the roles played in real life. This is quite visible in The Stepfather Trailer.

The stepfather (i.e. David) acts brilliantly well as a two faced person. He is a killer in this movie but like any other scheming criminal he puts up a peaceful and loving front. He keeps talking about how important family life is but has every intention against it in his mind.

The kids in the movie do a splendid job. Their characters are framed within the typical childish mind set. Turning up the volume, being careless about what's happening around them, stuck in their video game all the time, etc.

Michael is much older than the rest of the kids and has just graduated from military school. He is bold, courageous and uses his actively curious mind to understand the reality of the person (David) replacing his biological father.

His mother Susan is worried about the happiness of here family and brings home a stepfather (David) to brighten their lives.

‘The Stepfather' will be releasing on the 10th of December 2009 in UAE. Watch the movie for free in UAE by winning free tickets to the show.

For Stepfather fans, there is a great game you can play at the official UAE site www.stepfathermovieme.com.

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