A Record Year of Dubious Renown

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In "Global Implications of the UFO Reality", I attempted to convey a sense of urgency for the implementation of alternative energy devices allegedly back-engineered from downed UFOs. I cited several, credible, scientific sources that blamed the global warming problem (here he goes again) on human activities, i.e. the burning of fossil fuels and the disposal of nuclear waste. There were those who labeled me an "alarmist", and I was reminded, "Earth changes have been going on since time immemorial."

Be that as it may, a study, published in the journal "Science" in 2002 declares; "Earth's polar ice sheets are changing over relatively short time scales, that is, decades versus thousands of years." This applies to earth changes in general as well.

The book was published in 2003. Although my predication of future, accelerated, global catastrophes was far from unique, I wrote; "The reader will have the advantage of looking back on the data to check this prediction. I hope it has been exaggerated."

The article "Increasing Western Media Concern about Chaotic Global Weather, Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere" by: Sorcha Faal, appeared in the March 2005 issue of MiMUFON's Newsletter. The article addressed the record breaking natural catastrophes occurring in the time period between November 14, 2004 and January 12, 2005. It also outlined an exhaustive list of many of these record events. The article concluded with: "This list should only be remarkable for what is not included, not what is. To include all the significant and record setting, weather events for just this time period alone, November 14th to January 12th, would take many hundreds of pages.

"Also not noted here have been these past year's worldwide record numbers of floods, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons that have served to make this past years events the costliness in human history, as reported by the world's largest insurance company Munich Re. Munich Re board member Stefan Heyd has also said that the weather extremes "underline our long-standing demand for prompt and rigorous measures against global climate change. After the disappointing outcome of the recent climate summit in Buenos Aires, time is running out."

As of the end of October, international climate data suggest that 2005 is on track to be the hottest year ever. In September of 2005, a team of university of Colorado and NASA scientists announced that the Arctic sea ice cap shrank by two million square miles this summer. Although Artic ice decreases in the summer months as a matter of course, this is a difference of 500,000 square miles more than that recorded between 1979 and 2000. Given the Artic ice field started with two and a half million square miles in the spring of 2005, this represents a twenty-five percent decrease.

Temperatures are taken from thousands of sites around the globe and show that the Earth's temperature has raised one - one and a half degree in the past century. This would appear to be an insignificant amount over a one hundred year span, however, hurricane Katrina was proof positive of the difference a mere one degree increase can make. Further, meteorologists predict yet another one degree increase by next year in the Gulf region - one degree in one year as opposed to one hundred years.

The experts have finally agreed that global warning has accounted for much of the Earth's chaotic weather conditions and the ferocity of these conditions will only increase and with more frequency.

With hurricane Wilma, named storms have already exhausted the alphabet, and the hurricane season still has one more month to go. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were considered two of the most deadly and destructive of their kind, disabling (at least temporarily) twenty-five percent of America's oilrigs and refineries in the Gulf region. Perhaps it is a mere coincidence, but it would appear that Mother Earth has targeted the source of its ills. If such is the case, it would be better named "poetic justice".

In the aforementioned book I wrote: "Mother Earth has been attacked by a parasite. Its name is "humankind". Her immune system has kicked in to destroy the invader in an attempt to save her own life. As in the case of our own physical bodies, either she will be successful or she will die - taking the parasite with her.

"I wonder if the parasite that invades our bodies is smart enough to realize that its actions will ultimately cause its own demise. I wonder if humankind is any smarter."

Whether alternative energy sources are the result of back engineering from crashed UFOs or that of mankind's own technologies, they do exist and must be implemented as soon as yesterday. The economic backlash of such implementation can and will be dealt with despite our inherent fear of change. We have dealt with bigger issues and survived.

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