A Reader Reviews The Kindle 3

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Everyone thought that adding color would be the only feature that would make the Kindle 3 stand above the Kindle 2. But here we find that Amazon's thoughts were different: 'Color does not improve the readability of the screen'. 'Books are also written in black and white'. And here they were right. Color is really a distraction and does not improve readability as we can only confirm in our Kindle 3 review.

Features - Software and Hardware

Some of the features of Kindle 2 are present in Kindle 3, such as social networking, 60 second book download, and centered features, free 3G access to Kindle Store, cross-platform book sharing and free 3G accesses to over 100 different countries. The improvements that have been made in Kindle 3 however have made the eReader more reliable, certainly more user friendly and are providing an even better reading experience.

Kindle 3 has been made even more portable by reducing its size to 7.5" x 4.8" x 1.335". With this reduction in size the device has come down in weight to 8.7 ounces and the screen has come down to 6". As a result the reader has become much lighter, thinner and smaller which has greatly improved the readability as we noticed in our Kindle 3 review.

Just looking at the Kindle 3 in this Kindle 3 review we noticed that it has undergone a lot of ergonomic changes. Amazon has really done a fine job and seems to have given a lot of thought to designing it. For example the page turn buttons have become handier and now work quietly. The buttons that were wider in the earlier version have been made one quarter of an inch and have > and < as labels in place of words and are now placed on both sides of the screen. The ease of use has improved considerably as you can read throughout this Kindle 3 review.

The Kindle 3 has been designed not only for the bright eyed, it has been designed for those with impaired vision enabling them to use the Kindle 3. This is because Kindle 3 has been produced with a feature that can read out menus and item descriptions. This is one of the great features we came across while reviewing the Kindle 3.

Not adding any color support and touch screen to Kindle 3 probably was a wise decision taken by Amazon. Kindle 3 has a far superior readability as mentioned before in this Kindle 3 review.

With all the new features Kindle 3 has to offer is that without doubt it is the most powerful eReader that is available and it also offers great value for your money. In our Kindle 3 review we chose the white Kindle 3, but you can have a graphite color as well, which is really attractive. All in all we are very pleased with the Kindle 3 and feel that it is well worth every penny you will pay for it.

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