A Quick Manual To Getting The Most Out Of Your Schwinn Scooter Battery cartridge

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Are you having trouble receiving more than a solitary years worth of service out of your Scwhinn battery? Then this article was made for you. The Schwinn battery cartridge, no matter which model scooter you have, needs periodic upkeep in the off-season in order to maintain its service life. Through out the rest of this editorial I will be going into detail about what you can do to lengthen the service life of your Schwinn Scooter battery.

To commence my discussion, I would 1st like to talk about what the Schwinn battery is, and how it is meant to be used. The Schwinn Scooter battery pack is manufactured using deep-cycle technology, and is to be considered a sealed lead acid battery. The deep-cycle design of the Schwinn battery pack allows for battery to stay un-harmed during frequent discharge and charge cycles. This means that every time that you drain the Schwinn Scooter battery down you should without delay put the scooter on charge. Even if the person using the Schwinn Scooter does not use the battery to its full capacity (till it is dead), you should still immediately put the battery on charge.

One of the largest blunders that most people make when storing their Schwinn battery pack is not charging it up. The Schwinn Scooter battery will slowly discharge by itself after a period of 2 to three months. When the Schwinn battery sits in a discharged state for an extended period of time, sulfation will begin to build up within the battery and destroy its internal capacity. That means, even thought the Schwinn Scooter battery pack was completely charged before you put it into storage, it will ultimately drain itself to a low enough level so as to facilitate the build up of sulfation. The greatest practice to make use of in order to thwart this nasty build up of corrosion on your Schwinn battery pack is to put the battery on charge once each 2 to three months that it is not in use.

Now that you know a little bit extra about the Schwinn Scooter battery pack and the correct way to use and maintain it, it should be easy to get no less than 3 to 4 years of service life out of your Schwinn battery. A good thing to keep in mind when charging your Schwinn Scooter battery pack is that it can not be left on charge for an extended period of time. It is suggested that you take the charger off of the Schwinn battery pack as soon as the battery pack is charged, in order to prevent over charging of the batteries which will also shorten their life span.

You you should not want your efforts of appropriately preserving your Schwinn Battery to go to waste due to some low quality brand you purchased. The Schwinn battery comes with a one year free replacement guarantee and is designed to strict specs by PowerSonic Battery Corporation.

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