A Quick Look at Mastoplexy

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Time takes its toll on a lot of things, including the human body. As years go by, your protein levels will go down. Your skin will sag and lose its elasticity, and your muscle fibers will start to weaken and lose its firm shape. If youíre a woman, youíll notice that your breast will also begin to sag. While this is entirely natural, it doesnít mean that itís something desirable. This is why a lot of women go to clinics to get a breast lift.

Breast lift or mastoplexy is a process involving a series of surgeries performed to lift or improve the current shape of the breasts. This can either involve adjusting the position of the nipples and removing the excess skin, breast augmentation, or the use of silicone or saline breast implants. Mastoplexy has become very popular among more mature women and those that endure sagging breasts in their early years.

Breast implant candidates can choose between two types of breast implant procedures: full or modified. A full breast implant procedure often involves creating a T shaped incision. A horizontal incision is made under the breast, another one around the areola, and a third one from the middle of the first cut up to the second. A modified breast lift procedure involves fewer cuts and more specific adjustments.

Both types of breast lifts are appropriate for middle aged women, but most prefer getting a full breast lift from a breast lift Los Angeles surgeon. A full breast lift requires longer recovery times, but it is more effective when it comes to giving that ideal breast shape and appearance. Furthermore, a full breast lift also reduces the size of the areola.

For women who only have minor sagging problems, a breast surgery Los Angeles expert can perform a modified breast lift procedure. Unlike the full breast lift, a modified breast lift doesnít require the horizontal incision under the breast. Because it requires fewer incisions, the recovery time is a lot faster.

Breast lift Los Angeles experts strongly recommend that patients get enough rest before returning to their normal work routines to speed up the recovery process and reduce the chances of rupturing or complications. Patients that underwent the modified breast lift can expect to return to their normal lifestyle sooner than those who got a full breast lift.

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