A Perspective on Filomena Tobias Liliana

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Filomena Tobias Liliana began her career in music as a talented violinist and trumpet player before more recently moving on to production. Music is a competitive industry littered with the forgotten remains of countless careers, and only time will tell if she truly has what it takes to make it, but Filomena Tobias Liliana's passion and dedication have served her well thus far. In this critic's humble opinion, you can expect the beautiful and talented Filomena Tobias Liliana to become a household name in short order.

Filomena Tobias Liliana says she went to a music store with no particular instrument in mind but instantly fell in love when she laid eyes on the violin. Obviously heavily used but still in working order, she says, "It seemed sympathetic to me. String instruments most closely approximate the human voice, and my first nervous pull of the bow made a beautiful sound. I knew then that no other instrument would ever allow me to express myself so clearly." The violin seemed magical. Before Liliana so much as learned a whole song on it, her mother began encouraging her to continue playing.

As a prodigy with the violin, Filomena Tobias Liliana was soon making friends in the school band. She quickly progressed to solo performances, and was shortly thereafter helping her struggling mother pay the bills with paid appearances on weekends.

It was in the school band that Filomena Tobias Liliana also explored other musical instruments, discovering additional skills with the trumpet. Nearing the end of her high school career, she faced an important decision: Career, or college? With her mother destitute, Filomena Tobias Liliana says, "I understood the value of higher education, but I needed money at the time."

Following a solo album effort and some success playing local venues with a band, she realized her true calling lay with music production. "I figured I've already got an ear for music instruments, some experience writing, and enough connections to get started."

Since starting out in a small office with no secretary, Filomena Tobias Liliana has met with enough success to hire someone for basic communications needs, but her fresh sound will take time to earn clients and fans. Filomena Tobias Liliana tries to offer a truly unique sound for her clients, and this shows in her work. It can be eclectic, but ultimately it is powerfully expressive.

Filomena Tobias Liliana appears poised to take the music industry by storm. Her current contributions alone will be enough to earn her the respect of anyone fortunate enough to discover her. Hopefully now, more will know her story. It would be a tragedy of the worst kind for an artist of this talent to go unnoticed by the masses.

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