A Personal Review of Acer Laptops

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Acer laptops have consistently been rated at the top of their league so I thought I was doing the safer thing by purchasing one for my personal use. I got myself a Travelmate since I'm often out and it was recommended for use in the car.

First off, I like the size. I found one with a 13.3" screen on www.cheap4laptops.co.uk for a great price of £390. I also like the fact that it comes with a 2 GB RAM and 250 GB hard disk, which surprised me in something this small.

While the keyboard was small (it goes with the size, I guess) I did not find it hard to type and got used to it very easily after coming off my full-size desktop keyboard. My fingers didn't get cramped, although I did hit a few wrong keys the first few times out. The screen is also very clear, the only problem being when it is in direct sunlight. Since I normally use the computer while traveling, it's sometimes hard to find a dark enough spot to use it without the glare.

Otherwise, though, it's very easy to use and I have no trouble downloading anything from the internet. In fact, the movies that I purchased over iTunes were very clear, although I did need to use ear buds to hear clearly. The screen's resolution was very good and the colors were displayed clearly. I especially loved watching Chocolat on this laptop while I was on the train. I was so completely engrossed in the movie I forgot where I was! Which brings us to the ultimate issue with laptops - the battery life. The battery lasted long enough for me to finish the movie and then some. In fact, the laptop kept me company throughout my train ride, although I did put on hibernate when I went for snacks. But back on it went again after, this time for my e-book and a good listen to my music from River Run.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase. I was not put out of pocket, neither do I feel that I bought something in the "too cheap" category. This is a solid little Acer laptop and I'm very happy to have it.

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