A Person And The Perfect Breed

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From one psychologist who deals with dogs came about a prescription for a box turtle to fulfill a poodle's maternal instincts. When it comes to his profession, he takes it seriously and so he wrote a book entitled understanding your dog. What this doctor who is an associate professor of psychology at local university and associate director for research at the local zoo explains in his book is how animals are also individuals. He's very honest about expressing himself, but people often presume to know too much. Thank you for reading about pet portrait painters and paintings.

He told on a recent visit here, of a case where a young couple owned a dog and the dog wouldn't let the husband into the bedroom. He wrote about a dachshund in his book and this was owned by the couple and when they fought it had a catatonic fit. He says dogs even develop like young children in many ways, and that their body language is similar to humans. In the same way as humans, he says that dogs can tolerate closeness in various ways.

Considering how dogs usually develop through several stages, the doctor points out that getting a puppy is best done when it is between six and eight weeks old. Before you get a puppy older than 10 weeks, make sure that there were a lot of people around when it was raised. Interaction with other puppies is something you should take notice of whenever buying a dog. Beware of the most outgoing one, he warns, because he might be the most aggressive.

Bring an old scarf or a glove with you and after he investigates it see if he will play a game of tug of war. When a puppy is at five or six weeks, there is no need for any discipline training for he will only forget it but he will need some tender loving care as well as an exposure to a number of experiences that will enrich his environment. More expert paintings information is located at custom portrait drawing.

At eight weeks, there is a sensitive fear period, he says, and at that time the dog owner should avoid any undue trauma for his puppy, such as taking him to the vet for the first time. A dog becomes emotionally bonded to his owner after a span of 12 weeks and by then discipline training will not be able to break his spirit or attachment. Different people in various situations are given recommendations for dog breeds by this doctor who has a veterinary degree and a doctorate in psychology from a London university.

Working best for a family with children in the house is a golden retriever, young couples will enjoy the company of terriers, advised for apartment couples is a schnauzer, a Yorkshire terrier, or a poodle, a Yorkshire terrier, pekingese, or pug is ideal for older couples. Figuring out the temperament of a dog is not as easy nowadays based on the breed, according to him. What he says to be the cause is less quality in breeding.

There are dog breeders who make a joint effort in changing the standards of breed and he calls them cranks. He says that a person who is unaware of the results should not attempt to make changes to standards. When it comes to being named the best in the breed, there is emphasis now on how prize dogs should be subjected to tests. In this case, you would know that the winner was no frankenstein.

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