A Method to Deal with Acne

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Acne has brought a lot of problems for many girls and boys when they are in adolescence. They are beautiful or handsome if they do not have acnes. But the acne brings them with flaw and trouble. Some people will even feel inferior about themselves. Well, in fact, if they know the essence of the acne, they will like a flash in the pan, which will not follow us for a long time. So, you should learn to know the reason of your acne. Why do you have acne on your face? There are several causes.

One of the causes of acne is strong sebaceous glands. So, how to deal with this kind of acne? Everybody knows that you should deal it with different ways if the reasons are different.

The most fundamental cause of acne is that the sebaceous glands secrete oil is too strong. If a lot of sebum accumulates in the pores, it is easy to plug the pores and therefore the acne forms. Because sebaceous glands are well developed in the face, chest and at the back, these areas are particularly vulnerable to acne trouble. And sebum blocks the pores which are what we often call whitehead acne or closed acne. When sebum comes out of skin and contacts with air, it is oxidized to black and becomes blackhead. Strawberry-nose is the relatively minor blackhead acnes.

If you have oily skin since adolescence, and the oil came out frequently even if you used oil-absorbing paper or, hair had too much oil only within a day or two after washed or, large pores acne never stopped appearing, then you are likely to have the acne because of the sebaceous glands that are too strong.

Solution for this kind of acne: first, clean off excess grease; second, use oil control products to control oil secretion. Moisturizing products are very important.

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