A Marine Accident Investigation Is Only Valuable When Performed By An Expert

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Last year, most of the world became aware that while offshore drilling is an industry that is operated by knowledgeable individuals and organizations utilizing the state of the art technology, there is still plenty of room for error. Because marine accidents, such as an oil spill, are rarely as devastating as the incident that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico last year, they typically don't receive the same media coverage or attention from those outside of the industry.

As vital as offshore drilling and other marine work is to our day to day lives, it is generally an insulated field. That's because very specialized knowledge is required to work in this field and it can be difficult for those not familiar with the work to fully grasp the complexities of the industry. It's for this reason that when a marine accident investigation is needed, it must be done by someone that has an extensive background and experience. Because so few are able to provide that level of expertise when it comes to marine accident investigation, it's one of the services that we're proud to offer at Stewart Technology Associates.

Stewart Technology Associates is headed by Bil Stewart, the company's founder and CEO, who has spent several years working in this industry and with top organizations across the world. The expert testimony he is able to provide clients during a marine accident investigation is something few others in this field can match, which is one of the reasons he's so highly sought after in these matters. There are many different kinds of accidents that can occur in relation to the operation of offshore structures but Mr. Stewart is prepared to assist in any of them. His background in providing analysis for flexible risers, pile anchors, single point moorings, steel catenary risers and more gives him credibility when he offers his expert testimony.

It's this knowledge that has led to Stewart Technology Associates becoming a trusted partner for our world wide clients. Not only do we provide valuable analysis for your offshore structures, we continue to develop and improve our systems so that we're always ahead of the curve. This is an industry that requires constant adjustments in order to maintain the highest level of productivity, which is something we recognize and value. So whether you need software, analysis or expert witness marine testimony for your accident investigation, you can count on Stewart Technology Associates to fulfill those needs.

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