A Look at the World’s Economic Situation Today

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Today’s economic situation creates ideal opportunities for angel investors and venture capitalists. It was reported that the world’s economy today may appear to be improving statistically but many believe that the global economic conditions are only getting worse. When a high intensity earthquake and ensuing tsunami devastated Japan last Friday - March 11, 2011, the world was shocked and in great turmoil.

Japan, as one of the richest countries of the world is currently suffering from nuclear crisis that may influence the global economy, and may affect the health condition of the nation and its neighboring countries. It was the worst earthquake experience that this country ever had, and the worst calamity that ever happened to this country. Japan gets more than a quarter of their power from nuclear energy. The country has several nuclear reactors and became the third largest nuclear power user in the world providing 34.5% of its electricity. So many countries depend on nuclear power. But what happened in Japan recently made safety officials seek desperately on how to avert catastrophe because this nuclear meltdown is enough to impact human health.

Prior to the catastrophic event in Japan, several countries experience tragic situations as the strong forces of nature hit these countries while some experience chaos and wasted so many lives due to civil wars because of political ill-power or political dynasty. Following are just few of the major disasters encountered by some countries today, creating a humongous effect in their economies.

  • A strong earthquake wreaked havoc in New Zealand last month and killed so many people while hundreds are still missing and left damages that caused billions of dollars.

  • The wettest season ever in Australia happened earlier this year where one of its biggest cities and some towns were ravaged by heavy floods, killed few people but affecting thousands of families and establishments that cost billions of dollars in its damages.

  • In south-eastern Brazil as well, they experienced the worst natural disaster after several decades. More than 500 people were known to have died in heavy floods and damaged a huge amount of money in their properties.

  • Egypt encountered its first real international crisis and the biggest disaster since the Iranian revolution that happened three decades ago, pushing the Egyptian regime out of power. This also caused several civilian lives and affected a lot of foreign workers in the country.

  • The people power started by the Egyptians subsequently brought tumultuous revolutions by Libyan and Bahraini people, still with the aim of pushing their leaders out of power due to political dynasty or regime. These countries are major producers of oil and employed thousands of foreign workers but they were vastly affected because they have to be sent back to their own countries.

  • Saudi Arabia and Qatar are afraid to be the next middle-eastern countries to have possible signs of hostilities. According to some economists, if this would ever happen this could be the worst catastrophe that would eminently disturb the global economy.

To raise venture capital is one of the solutions to economic recovery today. Angel investor networks are very positive of seeing their money grow by investing in start-up businesses with potential, or in some business establishments that are still in the recovery phase after the catastrophe. Those who have good business lines of credit are very much capable of acquiring these unsecured business loans quickly. Entrepreneurs and investors can easily connect with each other no matter which part of the world they are because of the advancement of technology.

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