A Look At The Amazing HTC Desire S

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The HTC Desire S is the follow up to the hugely popular original Desire handset. With such a tough act to follow, does this new model step up to the plate, or fail in its mission to replace one of the most impressive smartphones to date.

In terms of looks, the phone has definitely received a bit of an upgrade. Thanks to a unibody chassis, the phone not only looks superb but also feels great when in the palm of your hand. The chassis is cast from a single piece of aluminium, making the phone feel rigid and giving it an extra element of durability. It is easy to compare the overall look of this phone to that of the Legend, one of HTC's earlier releases. There is however no sign of the optical trackpad that was previously present, which leaves the phones screen to dominate the front of the phone. At 3.7", the screen plays it fairly safe in terms of size, staying the same as its predecessor. Resolution also remain at 480 x 800 pixels, which looks great, displaying crystal clear graphics and photographs that are both vivid and full of life. To zoom in on any subject on screen, you can use the pinch and zoom method thanks to the screen supporting multi touch technology. A proximity sensor and a light sensor join the capacitive screen, which is very responsive, resulting in a great user experience. Battery wise, the Desire S comes with a 1450mAh battery, the same as the Incredible S, which will give you over 7 hours of 3G talktime.

Internally, the HTC Desire S has also seen a slight upgrade. The processor that drives this device along is a 1Ghz Qualcomm chip that is joined by 768MB of RAM. Such figures ensure that the phone operates at great speed, despite the fact that the device bucks the dual core trend by fitting a single core unit. Internal storage capacity is fairly limited at just 1.1GB, however thanks to a micro SD card slot, additional capacity can be added up to 32GB. Such large amounts of storage are perfect should you want to take advantage of the phones great media features. Photographs can be captured at a resolution of 8 million pixels, whilst video footage is shot in high definition quality at 720P resolution and a frame rate of 30 per second.

The Desire S is perfectly poised to step into the shoes of the original Desire, with the improvements, despite not being major, being enough to keep this model ahead of the chasing pack.

The HTC Desire S and the Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G are coming soon.

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