A Look at Modern Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeries

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Reconstructive surgery is a kind of surgery that focuses on the reconstruction of certain areas of the body that may have been severely damaged due to birth defects, trauma, diseases, and other factors. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery focuses more on changing a personís appearance using surgical procedures.

These two types of surgery are both categorized under plastic surgery, but they are quite different from each other. Reconstructive surgery focuses more on improving and restoring a certain body partís function, while cosmetic surgery is all about improving the overall appearance of the body. In simpler terms, if you need something to help you live a normal life after an injury, you need reconstructive surgery. If you want to look better, you need cosmetic surgery.

Another difference between reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery is that reconstructive surgery will usually be covered by most health policies, while cosmetic surgeries are not. This is mainly because reconstructive surgeries are only done when necessary, while cosmetic surgery can be done whenever someone feels like it. However, there are some cases when a cosmetic surgery can be done for reconstructive purposes, hence being covered by insurance. For example, blepharoplasty can be done to improve vision if the eyelid is naturally sagging.

Both types of surgery are riddled by a lot of misconceptions, usually concerning the amount of pain involved. Contrary to popular belief, procedures like nose restoration or abdominoplasty Los Angeles surgeons often perform are entirely painless. Experts make sure that patients donít feel any discomfort during the entire operation. However, some patients might feel a slight pain for a few days after operation, which is only temporary.

Plastic surgery operations have become easier to perform because of continuous improvements in the field of surgery and medicine. Back then, most plastic surgeries involve sutures and lots of injections. Today, someone can have a Botox Los Angeles treatment or laser abdominoplasty that minimizes bleeding, infection, and the need for stitching.

Back then, plastic surgeries - especially cosmetic ones - cater to a predominantly female market. Today, itís not unusual to see a man visiting a clinic and consulting an abdominoplasty Los Angeles expert to prepare for a tummy tuck procedure. The demand for plastic surgeries has never been this great.

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