A Less Painful Way to Wax

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Waxing is never a particularly fun experience, and can cause anything from mild discomfort to unsightly spots and sores, and yet we will all undoubtedly go through it in our own quest for physical perfection (or at the very least simple neatness).

However, some clinics are now taking Brazilian waxing extremely literally and in the process relieving not only a good amount of the pain, but also the chances of rashes and spots rearing their ugly little heads.

Whether offering Brazilian waxing or just a simple bikini line wax (through to the Hollywood for those a little more ambitious) the one thing that these less painful waxings have in common is the product that they use. Using Brazilian wax that is 80% honey, the process is said to be not only a lot less painful but also much quicker too. Not only that, but the honey offers anti-inflammatory qualities into the mix too, so it not only soothes during the waxing but ensures there is less skin irritation both during and after the process.

There are currently a number of clinics around London offering the special treatment, and you can get this special waxing in Clapham Junction, Angel, London Bridge and numerous other locations. And so far it has been getting rave reviews from those trying it.

The waxing is also supposed to last longer as well, meaning a much longer period between visits will save you not only extra discomfort, but also a bit of extra money too.

So whether you want to try waxing in Clapham Junction or King’s Cross, do yourself a favour and try and find a place that offers hot honey wax from Brazil, and maybe you might just see what all those women taking part in those carnivals in Rio are so happy about.

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