A Home Solar Energy System: Is it Possible to Assemble Your Own Home Solar Energy System?

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Why it has become so significant to have your own home solar energy system and understand what you could do with it?

Solar energy for homes is nothing newfangled. Ever since humankind started building homes, sun played an crucial purpose in the planning of houses. The ancient people may not be as advanced as advanced the human race to use catch phrases such as inactive solar energy and thermal mass, but when they build their homes, they were in compact size making use of overhangs, insulations, and well lit spaces orienting their structures towards the relative position of the sun.

Ever since the 1950's, utilizing the sun's rays for residential utilization has been in constant development and nowadays the solar cell engineering science has achieved very efficient energy transition levels so that modernistic (so-called green house) designs apply the sun's power to supply energy for the home.

Some of the pros of having your own home solar energy system are:

  • Less greenhouse gasses are emitted by fossil fuel-driven power stations (if enough houses use solar power)

  • Your dependency upon the Power Company becomes less, i.e. you are not so much affected by power outages

  • You could lower or even eliminate your monthly electricity accounts

  • You will add more value to your house

  • You could even get money from the Power Company for generating extra electricity that they could distribute, or get a discount from the Power Company for installing a solar power system (depending on where you live)

Making use of a professional solar system installation company for your home solar energy system is just too costly for most house owners and it would take you many years to recoup your investment in terms of savings in electricity use.

The best way is to make use of books and kits on the topic and then build your own. Some of these books / kits are really very simple to use and explain all the steps in detail. Furthermore, the parts that they use are cheap and relatively easy to find.

These kits basically consist of the solar panels that convert the sunshine into electricity, batteries for storing surplus energy to use at nighttime, an inverter to convert the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current suitable for home appliances and the required wiring.

Click here for an excellent e-book and video resource on the topic of building your own Home Solar Energy System.

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