A Holiday Gift Guide to Organic Skin Care Products

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Holiday time is here again, and here is a holiday gift guide to organic skin care products for you to check out. It is often difficult to figure out what gifts are appropriate for which occasions, especially if you are a guy wondering if you should even attempt to buy your girl skin care products.

The answer is no, don't even try unless you check this guide first because we know what women like, and also that guys themselves look upon some organic skin care products as a definite sign that you are interested but upon others as a bit of an insult - for example, never buy a guy a shampoo or a deodorant unless you are married to him! They always take these things the wrong way (or maybe the intended way!).

Here are some ideas on gifts for friends. Relatives and those special to you, and the fact that they are organic skin care products means that they are special.

Gifts for Hostesses

If you are invited to a party or any other event then apart from a bottle of something, you could also give your hostess a special small gift, just for her. Some soft shea butter for skin would be good, or alternative some delicious acacia honey. Or, if she has a sweet tooth, some wonderful honey candies or honey and pine sap candies. These are unique gifts that you can be pretty sure will be new to her - that's what makes the difference between just a gift and a great gift.

Gifts for the Girls

Whether she is your mother, your sister, aunt or the best girl in your life, plant-based oils, essential oils and beauty oils are always great gifts for women. You can make up your own gift pack of several different oils, such as the moisturizing and exotic-sounding Argan oil, that also protects her face from the drying effects of strong sunlight, or if she has sensitive skin, then calendula oil would be more appropriate.

Camellia oil is great for the hair, as is Ximenia oil that is better if the hair tends to be dry or brittle, because it helps to moisturize it. You could be a bit daring and include some bellis oil in your selection - that is excellent for the neckline and bust!

If you prefer something else try some other form of organic skin care. Whether you are a woman buying for other women or a guy buying for your mom or girlfriend, here is a great idea for an organic skin care product suitable as a gift this holiday season - Argan oil.

Already mentioned above, Argan oil is something special, and has been traditionally used by Moroccan women for many hundreds of years to look after their skin, hair and nails in the harsh environment of the Sahara desert. Argan oil is packed full of antioxidants and fatty acids that help to maintain a youthful looking skin in the harshest environments.

You can get a mix of Argan oil and a beech bud extract that is full of highly antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids that help to smooth out the fine wrinkles round the eyes and mouth. This anti-wrinkle cream is very effective, but maybe best not to give your girlfriend an anti-wrinkle cream! Great for your mom or grandmother though. Maybe stick to the oils above, or a set of tonics, day cream and body milk in a lovely pouch.

If you are woman buying for one of your female friends or relatives then maybe some winter body care would make a good organic skin care gift. Among the organic skin care products suitable are shea butter, or shea butter with lavender essence. Or maybe some gorgeous orange blossom-scented dry oil that leave the body lovely and smooth and smelling simply divine.

Organic Skin Care Products for the Guys

Men are becoming increasingly more interested in skin care products and more amenable to receiving them as holiday gifts. You can't go wrong with some aftershave balm made from olive leaves and cypress nuts, or even aloe vera for their skin. Another good idea for men that spend a lot of time outdoors in the city is an anti-pollutant cleansing foam made from organic blackcurrant, aniseed and olive. It smells great and feels really smooth after washing using it.

There are many more organic skin care products for men that can be given as a gift by a girlfriend or wife or even by mothers, friends or relatives. Make sure that you know their skin type if possible, and also what type of product they will use. Some will use a skin cream and other will not, so make sure that you purchase a holiday gift that will be appreciated and used.

There is a wide variety of organic skin care products for both women and men available online, but before purchasing anything make sure that the product is not dedicated to one specific type of skin, unless you know what that is. Otherwise, such gifts are an excellent choice and generally well received. You could shortly be somebody's best friend!

More details on organic skin care products suitable as holiday gifts for men or women are available from the Melvita website where you will find a wide range of fabulous gift ideas.

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