A Handful Of Reasons To Start Getting Into Cross Stitching

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider getting into cross stitching:

1.) One of the greatest benefits you can get out of getting into cross stitching is that you will certainly learn the art of being patient. Have you sewed a great many stitches on your Aida and after hours of it all, you realize something is off? Somehow this corner is supposed to be, let's say, eight squares for this corner and strangely there's only a couple of them. Yes, you guessed right, you've miscounted the squares! Now you begin the process of undoing the crosses. You should get the gist right about now, that it takes A LOT of strength and patience to undo a whole lot of mess and do them all over again. But you know what? Like the proverb says, "Patience is a virtue". How many times have you failed at something just because of your impatience? You ask yourself that and surely you will understand why learning to be patient can save you a ton of stress in the future.

2.) Next good thing about it is that it's a great way to train your focusing power. Have you ever seen a cross stitch fabric? The squares of such fabrics are so small that if you don't watch what you're doing, your fingers are certainly going to have some pretty nasty holes in them. Even those people who have been cross stitching for years still occasionally suffer from a prick but anyone certainly does get better with it with time. With cross stitching, you will be forced to focus and to actually be aware of where your fingers are at all times. And that is the main thing that leads to an increased level of focus.

3.) Another good thing about cross stitching is that it will enhance your capability in memory retention. When you cross stitch, you have to look at the chart, remember how many squares and where to put them. This is called Memory Retention. If you don't have this, you'll be referring to the chart every other second and getting a neck cramp in the process is almost a certainty. Most people when they first start cross stitching, has to highlight every few squares that they've done. But as they get better with it, they will still need to do that but only after they've stitched a huge section. Your memory just keeps getting better and it's an amazing feeling when you actually notice the results yourself.

4.) It also teaches you to be resourceful. When you find out that you are missing just one color thread to finish the job, and you only need so little. What do you do? Buying another skein is out of the question. All you really need to do is to take a look at all the threads you have collected so far from past projects and find the closest color that matches that of the missing thread's.

5.) And then there's also the overwhelming sense of achievement you get every time you finish a project, whether it was a big one or just a tiny bit, it will still be some sort of major accomplishment. This is what most people into cross stitching feel every time they finish a cross stitch design.

6.) Last but not least, you get to save money on gifts. Yes, financially speaking, you don't need to spend much to complete a very beautiful cross stitch design. This is some sort of bargain you get in exchange for the hard work and patience you would have to exert while you are doing a project.

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