A Guide to Mobile Phones under 500

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You can use a quick cash loan and purchase a phone. You can find many different phones on the market for less than 500. You can use your budget and desires to find the perfect phone for your needs. You can find mobile phones available from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. You can go for a simple mobile or for the latest in technology. You may be surprised at what you find available at this price. What can you get in a phone under 500?

The first thing to consider is what form the phone comes in. The common options available on the market include the slide, candy bar, clamshell and rotative forms. The slide form usually has a slide out keyboard that allows you to text with a QWERTY keyboard. The candy bar form is usually a solid phone with a built in touch screen. The clamshell is a now classic form of mobile that flips open and closed. The rotative form usually has two parts of the phone that rotate away from each other from a pivot point. It is important to try these forms before you purchase your new phone with a quick cash loan.

Another thing to consider in your new phone is whether you want extras like a camera or an MP3 player. Most people expect a mobile to have more than just phone capability. They want the extras. Some phones have built-in cameras. Others have music players. A few allow for touch screen. Others have internet access built in. Some come with a built-in keyboard. All of these options come on phones under 500. If you want to get a phone with a quick cash loan, you need to make sure you get a phone that meets your needs and more.

Bluetooth capability is something that many people do not want to miss. Bluetooth allows for data exchange wirelessly within a short distance. The technology comes on many newer phones. This allows the user to have a Bluetooth device in their ear while their phone remains on their waist or in their handbag. For people always on the go and always on the phone, Bluetooth is essential. It allows them to move about without a phone stuck in one hand. You can get this in phones under 500. If you are getting a quick cash loan for a new phone, make sure you get the phone you want.

Gareth Williamson is a personal finance consultant who is currently researching quick cash loan providers in the UK.

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