A Guide to Human Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can make you look more youthful once you begin balding or your hair starts thinning. You should be sure that they look natural though. A recent study revealed that the prospect of going bald upset men more than that of going bankrupt or never finding a partner. Hair extensions can give you back your confidence in cases like these.

Human hair extensions can be sourced by companies from parlors or individuals. If sourced from parlors, the hair is coated with silicon. Once you wash it, the silicon wears off. The extensions look tangled, limp, as well as lifeless.

Choose a company which sources directly from individuals. In that case there is no need for a silicon coating. Hair should be sterilized, graded, and checked for quality. The company should be able to blend the extensions to match your hair color so that it looks natural.

Search online for a company in this industry. You can also ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Shortlist two or three companies on the basis of price and then decide which one is suitable for your needs.

Check the return policy of the company so that you know what to expect in case you change your mind. Retain the original packaging so that you can produce it in case of need. You should look at photographs of the extensions on the company site before you place your order so that you know what to expect.

Clean your extensions properly so that they last you for a year. Schedule regular re-attachment and removal service appointments. Brush them well so that they are not matted. Use conditioners carefully because if there is any leftover conditioner in your hair, your extensions can get damaged.

Use a silk pillow to avoid friction in your extensions while you sleep at night. Saltwater and chlorine can damage your extensions, so be careful. You should not attempt to remove them yourself, otherwise you may damage them. Consider using a specialist recommended by the company.

Human hair extensions can look natural if you take care. If they have a tendency to slip when you wear them, apply firm constant pressure on the attachment site. Apply olive or coconut oil before washing. As extensions do not have access to natural oils in the scalp, they need these kinds of oils to remain clean. Avoid sleeping when extensions are wet because they will get tangled.

Human hair extensions which look natural can make you look attractive. You should consider DNA Hair USA which has over twenty years experience in this field.

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