A Fresh Look at Hair Removal Products

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There are a variety of hair removal products on the market. Many of them make promises that they simply can't deliver on, which is frustrating. There is nothing like spending a ton of money on the latest and greatest hair removal products only to find out that they don't really work.

The NoNo has been around for a few years now. The original unit worked pretty well, but was far from perfect. The main issue was that it was difficult and time consuming to use. The original NoNo had to be held at just the perfect angle in order to hit the sweet spot for annihilating all those pesky hairs. For this reason, many just didn't prefer the NoNo.

Now we have the NoNo 8800. Has this unit made the essential improvements necessary to become a hair removal staple? Absolutely! Think of the original NoNo as the beta version, and the NoNo 8800 as the final version. It's the same product, but without any of the glitches of the previous model. The NoNo 8800 makes contact with hairs easier, and the entire process is much quicker and easier to perform than before. Speed and usability are essential for any home hair removal system, so it's excellent that the NoNo 8800 delivers on this point.

The NoNo 8800 works with the same principle as most professional laser treatments. A pulse of searing heat is sent down the hair shaft to the follicle, which then heats the follicle up dramatically. The repeated flash heating of the hair follicle eventually damages it completely, reducing hair regrowth. Sugaring, waxing and other methods reduce hair regrowth by the same method, by repeatedly ripping hair from the follicle. With the NoNo 8800, there is absolutely no pain during this process whatsoever, which is more than can be said for other methods.

The name of the NoNo comes from the fact that there is NO pain and NO discomfort. A blast of heat being sent down the hair follicle should be painful, but somehow it's not. This gives the NoNo a distinct advantage over professional laser treatments, which are painful and often fail to prevent regrowth completely. What could be more frustrating than spending a small fortune on professional laser hair removal only to end up hairy again within the next few months?

The NoNo 8800 is far superior to professional laser hair removal for a number of different reasons. It can be done in the home, which eliminates embarrassment. It may be repeated as many times as desired with no negative side effects and it's just as effective at curbing hair regrowth. The price difference between purchasing a NoNo 8800 and undergoing a handful of laser hair removal treatments is considerable, too. The NoNo 8800 is an excellent investment to say the least.

The NoNo 8800 can be used on tender places like the face and bikini line where other hair removal tools shouldn't even be considered. This also adds to the value of the unit, since other hair removal devices aren't needed to achieve a hair-free body. The NoNo 8800 also works on all colors and textures of hair, unlike its predecessor, which had problems working on lighter hairs containing less melanin. This is great news for hairy blondes everywhere!

For those still on the fence about the NoNo 8800, it's possible to try before you buy at www.trynono.com. If an individual tries the NoNo 8800 and likes it, they may opt to keep the unit at the end of the trial. If not, they may simply send it back and be charged nothing. Seeing is believing, and with the free trial there is nothing to lose. The NoNo 8800 only costs $270.00, which is a small price to pay for such a great investment. If you are one of the many people who would love to say goodbye to shaving forever, the NoNo 8800 is the thing for you!

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