A Fishing Cooking Guide For Citizens

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Most Azeroth citizens are known to live happy and fulfilled lives without ever catching fish for dinner or cooking for their meals. This fishing cooking guide will show you how both fishing and cooking can improve your entire game experience.

Why Fish?
Although Fishing is not necessarily a must-pick-up profession, there are a lot of benefits to having this skill up your sleeves.

Here are some:

All players are not limited in the number of secondary professions they could pickup, so why not learn more?

It is a nice hobby. Fishing is by itself an entire game included in WoW which could help you get away from it all. It allows you some space as well as chances to interact with other characters in the game in between battles or quests.

It is a very good source of food and other items. Although not particularly appetizing, all fish could be eaten in the game for their bonuses or buffs to certain attributes. Players doing solo or non-healing players benefit most from this profession as they can replenish themselves with food.

Have problem with your gold - go fish. What's good about using this profession for gold is that you are not pressured to earn large sums of gold since you would enjoy the process of getting some.

For players who have pets, fishing is an effective method of earning some free supplies.

Why Cook?
Although food can be bought from vendors, those created from scratch are often more valuable buffs.

Apart from the bonuses you get from cooked food, cooking is also a good way of having some fun in the game. You see, there are recipes that transform you into a pirate, a ninja, or a fire-breathing creature. Now how cool is that?

Overall, fishing and cooking may not be the most essential professions in the game, though they are nevertheless valuable. Not only do they complement each other very well and give replenishment and free supplies, they can also serve as mediums of earning extra gold and gaining extra rare runescspe items. If you're lucky, you also get to have bragging rights for your rare finds.

Getting Started With Cooking And Fishing
As with all other professions, training is the beginning of learning how to cook and fish. These are individual professions which you will pick up from different trainers in any major cities in Azeroth. You'll typically locate Fishing trainers in areas with bodies of water and Cooking trainers where there is fire or cooking pot. Pay the necessary fee and start out as an Apprentice.

Gaining Skill
The quality of the fish you catch and the recipes you create depend on your level of skill; this is expressed as a numerical symbol. Starters have fishing skill 1 or cooking skill 1 which stacks up as you progress through the professions. The speed at which your skill points will increase will be determined by the number of recipes you cook or the number of fish you catch.

For more information about these professions, like up a reliable fishing cooking guide online.

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