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If we take a decision to have fabrics which is devoid of any chemicals we will be one among many to be instrumental for avoiding many negative impacts which are having far reaching consequences. The notable among them is that we are taking the first step to remove the harmful chemicals from the fertilizers and pesticides at our surroundings which are directly responsible for altering the ecosystem.

There are obvious and glaring examples through out the world,one of them is the dead zones of Gulf of Mexico. This is created by the continuous use of harmful chemicals containing in the heavy fertilizers,which is constantly pouring to the rivers and is carried down stream. This not only damages the eco balancing of the earth but also a constant threat to the endangered species,notable among them is the bald eagle.

When we decide about the use of natural fabric,we are duty bound to understand whether the people involved in the manufacturing are properly covered under the Fair Trade Regulations or not. These regulations are to give certain amount of assurances with legal and ethical provisions. This simply means whether they are remunerated properly under healthy atmosphere

In fact,we can easily assume that it is the only way to maintain the sustainable growth of our earth. May be there is a negative side in the Fair Trade Regulations,i.e. the cost of production of these products will be increased. The reason being that the products supported with chemical fertilizers give a faster growth and those with natural ingredients can only give a steady growth which is more sustainable

In the making of organic clothing,the use of the harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are avoided,and these clothing is less likely to irritate the skin. The irritation is mainly due to the adding of an addictive chemical to make the fabric a wrinkle free look. The chemical is Formaldehyde,a common bonder used in the fabric to give the wrinkle free look which has been proved to be causing allergic reactions,causes deformity to infants and even leading to cancer.

As a general rule the present acceptable level of formaldehyde may not be that harmful for a vast majority of humans,but it does give a harmful impact to those who are susceptible to allergies. The countries like Japan and Sweden have already banned formaldehyde in cosmetics.

All the organic compounds are not safe in the strict sense. Few items like the coconut oil and some other natural oils are allergic to certain people. So one has to confirm of the properties before using it.

The dedicated and innovative approach of The Earthly Products will pave the way for a healthy environment and in the long run for the benefit of the future generation. They may not find the quick results but their efforts are continuous and it will have its effect.

Of the many products of Earth Friendly Products,the product Ice Melt compound stands apart which is really safe for pets and plants. This product working to -13 Fahrenheit and is really safe for pets.

The Earth Friendly Products and its innovative approach will help the environment and the future generation. The internet and specialized retail stores will be giving all possible assistance.

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